Matthew Miller has been serving all your IC-DISC needs for 12 years!

Greetings! I’m Matt Miller, a recent transplant to the vibrant San Diego area. After over two decades of calling the San Francisco Bay Area home, I’ve embarked on an exciting new chapter of my life here in sunny San Diego.

My greatest joy comes from being a dedicated husband and father to two amazing children—one boy and one girl—who constantly inspire me to strive for the best in everything I do.

Outside of my family life, I’m a man of diverse passions and interests. You’ll often find me hitting the open road on my bike, carving through powder on the slopes, or strumming away on my guitar. Music has always been a driving force in my life, and I’m a self-proclaimed fanatic when it comes to attending live concerts and immersing myself in the energy of the crowd.

Beyond my hobbies, I have a keen interest in exploring different cultures through travel and savoring the culinary delights of each destination. Cooking has become a cherished pastime of mine, especially when shared with loved ones around the dining table.

Professionally, I hold a Masters of Science in Taxation and Graduate Certificate in International Taxation from Golden Gate University, a testament to my commitment to continuous learning and growth in my field.

In essence, I’m a person fueled by passion—for family, for adventure, and for the beauty of life’s experiences. I’m excited to see what new adventures lie ahead and to make lasting connections within this dynamic community.

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Matthew Miller